17 December 2016


“It’s not true but I believe it” Even if many of us don’t believe in superstitions, why run the risk that something will go wrong on the very day of your just because you haven’t respected the good luck rituals of our grandparents. 

From the classical wedding dress that must not be seen by the groom, to the fact that the man must carry his bride over the threshold.  These are are recommendations to make sure that your wedding is perfect in the traditional sense!


  • The bride must not look at herself in a mirror on her wedding day, she can only do so if she removes a shoes earring or glove. 
  • The engagement and wedding rings should not be bought at the same time. 
  • The veil is thought to bring more luck if it is the gift of a happy wife.  
  • The bride and groom must not see each other before meeting in the church and the groom must never see the bride’s dress before the ceremony. 
  • Having left home for the church the groom must never retrace his footsteps.  He can ask for help from a friend or witness if he forgets something. 
  • The wedding rings should not be dropped in the church.  If this happens they must be collected by the priest.  
  • The groom must carry his bride over the threshold.  The ancient Romans believed it was unlucky if the bride tripped when entering the new home.