21 December 2016

Wedding procession

Whether you are in a small church near the seaside or in the country or in a cathedral, the wedding cortège must observe certain small rules to ensure that the ceremony is one of great style. 

The entrance of the bride and groom and the wedding party is one of the most emotional parts of the ceremony.  How should the party enter the church? 

The pages are the first to enter.  The bride follows accompanied by her father to her right.  After the bride come the bridesmaids.  Then it is bridegroom’s turn, accompanied by his mother to his left.  To close the cortège is the father of the groom along with the mother of the bride, the witnesses, the bride and groom’s brothers and sisters and important relatives. 


Once inside the church, the bride’s relatives sit on the left and those of the groom are on the right.  The pages are the first to leave the church, followed by the bride and groom, the bridesmaids, parents and then the guests.