2 December 2016


In a society in which the real value of matrimony is often neglected, the greatest wish that we can offer a couple who take this great step is that of celebrating all their anniversaries with the same happiness as that shared on their wedding day.  But what are the names of these important milestones? 

Without a doubt the main celebrations are the 25th anniversary (silver) and the 50th (gold). 

Each anniversary has its own special name.  Here is the list: 


1st Cotton 

2nd Paper 

3rd Leather

4th Fruit and Flowers

5th Wood

6th Sugar 

7th Copper or Wool

8th Bronze or Salt

10th Tin

11th Steel

12th Rope or Silk/Linen

13th Lace/Crochet

14th Ivory

15th Porcelain

20th Crystal

25th Silver

35th Coral

40th Ruby

45th Sapphire

50th Gold


55th Emerald